Early Years Centre Ontario

Did you know that the first five years of your kids’ lives are incredibly important for their development? According to experts, these are familiar to be “formative years.” It is critical to talk and secure unconditional support. If you need help, feel free to turn to an Early Years Centre in Ontario.

Two workers and a kid are posing near the sign of Early Years Centre Ontario

Parents aim to provide their kids with optimal care and development conditions. However, it is hard for everything on your own all the time. Check out what you should know about these facilities and how they can help you!

Why Is an Early Years Centre Ontario Important?

The entire population is aware of how crucial the first years of a kid’s life are for its progress. It doesn’t take an expert to understand the vitalness of getting admitted into these facilities.

Parents and caregivers don’t’ have it easy, which is why EarlyON Child and Family Centre aims to secure support when they need it. That varies from securing a place where they can hang out with other kids and adults to offering educational activities and workshops.

Here are some reasons why an early years program is beneficial for both adults and kids:

  • Receive reliable info on kid’s progress.
  • Attend courses and workshops tailored to boosting parental skills.
  • Get together with other kids and adults in a similar situation.
  • Participate in joint activities and join the community.
  • A friendly and inviting environment.

The working hours and specific services available might vary from one centre to another.

About Early Years Programs

Ontario Early Years Centre is tailored to both children and adults. It admits kids up to six years old. Canada Health and Social Transfer funds this program. That means the federal government secures funds, and provinces utilize to improve their early childhood centres.

Each facility employs both volunteering individuals and skilled professionals. The staff receives training to provide better service.

Helping Children and Families

Parents with their daughter and son are writing in the copybook together

Here are the examples of what to expect in an Early Years Centre Ontario:

  • Activities designed on improving the literate capabilities of both kids and adults.
  • Workshops and courses designed to learn about the world.
  • Courses and other services focused on ensuring parents can understand kids and secure them with optimal development conditions.
  • Activities that prepare visitors for parenting and pregnancy.
  • Info about other existing services nearby.
  • Organizing activities where members can participate.

The exact activities vary from the early years’ program chosen and its community. You can expect games, storytelling, reading, and other activities. Professionals are at your services to provide reliable information on different aspects of parenting. Finally, these facilities are a location where you can connect with other adults and children in a similar situation.

Awareness and Access

EarlyON Child and Family Centre secure free care to everyone. The facilities won’t charge their services to clients. The only condition is the person is either a parent or caregiver to a kid no older than six.

Five kids - two boys and three girls are hugging a young teacher wearing glasses

People working at these facilities are knowledgeable and polite, which is why you can ask them about available kids’ resources in your area. They could offer some pointers to raise awareness about what the community can do for children.

Children with special needs can also turn to their local family centre with parents. Many services are customized to meet the needs of all parents that have young kids. The idea is to ensure every child has the best possible start in their life.

Best Ontario’s Early Years Child and Family Centres

If you want to find a suitable facility to turn to in your area, consider searching for an “Early Years Centre near me.” The good news is that these institutions throughout Ontario. Here is a brief overview of each location and what you should know about its specifics.

1. Toronto

Kids are sitting at the table during the event in EarlyON Years Centre

📭 80 Sackville St, Toronto, ON M5A 3E5
📞 +1 416-686-3390

Toronto is a big city, and you can find dozens of early years centres here. It has the largest number of facilities in Ontario. It won’t be a problem finding the one in your surrounding. The range of activities is also impressive, and both children and parents will have all the resources required.

There is another program called Toronto Early Learning & Child Care Services. It is shaped to kids no older than 12, but there is a waitlist.

2. Mississauga

A kindergarten teacher is sitting near a boy who is doing a craft  in EarlyON Years Centre

📭 130 Dundas St E #103, Mississauga, ON L5A 1W7
📞 +1 905-452-1973

Mississauga’s early years’ programs pinpoint inclusiveness and diversity. The courses and activities are tailored to adopting knowledge through play for kids and delivering accurate and concise information to parents. The staff is both polite and knowledgeable. They understand kids’ uniqueness and are ready to dedicate time and effort to provide all the necessary support to adults.

3. Brampton

Five little kids are sitting at the table and playing in EarlyON Years Centre

📭 57 Mill Street North, Unit #105, Brampton L6X 1S9
📞 +1 905-507-9360
📠 905-890-8325 (fax)

The great thing about early childhood centres in Brampton is that they organize unique workshops and activities. Children can find out how songs mean more than just singing or enjoy playful and educational activities. Adults can rely on receiving information from skilled professionals, which provides peace of mind for the future.

4. Hamilton

Kids are climbling wooden steps in EarlyON Years Centre

📭 155 Queen Street North, Hamilton
📞 +1 905-521-0926

Hamilton branches fulfill everything you expect from an early years centre in Ontario. Top-quality workshops organized by professionals welcome the entire families. These facilities are also an option to meet other parents, and kids can hang out with friends of their age, too. If you have any concerns regarding your kid’s development, you can rely on this facility, providing the required information and resources.

5. Ottawa

Two kids wearing hats and jackets are having fun on the playground in EarlyON Years Centre

📭 2330 Don Reid Dr #101, Ottawa, ON K1H 1E1
📞 +1 613-737-6369

Ottawa might have the most comprehensive online program plan for the children from the area. That is important during the pandemic because children and parents stay safe at their homes while participating in joint activities.

Here is a portion of the offered programs:

  • Virtual classes, including yoga, dancing, cooking, etc.
  • Online Circle Time activities.
  • Science experiments.
  • Book reading.
  • Coffee chats.

You can also expect to receive art kits, and families in need will get any basics required.

6. Scarborough

Kids are going to have a swimming competition in EarlyON Years Centre

📭 313 Pharmacy Avenue
Toronto, ON M1L 3E7
💻 www.wsncc.org/contact

It helps to get your child as ready for schools as possible. That is why the Early Years Centers in Scarborough and throughout Ontario emphasize literacy and promoting overall children’s development. The facility organizes workshops, provides parenting tips and offers useful resources and information for parents and caregivers.

7. Markham

Kids are standing in line near the wall and listening to the teacher in EarlyON Years Centre

📭 40 Washington St, Markham, ON L3P 2R5, Canada
📞 +1 905-471-1620

Markham is another one of those Early Years Centres that adjusted to the new world we live in with COVID-19. You can account for virtual programs that include play and learn sessions, useful YouTube videos, and other joint activities. Circle time events are organized with different topics, such as languages, foods, animals, transportation, etc.

8. North York

Kids with their parent are having outdoor activities from EarlyON Years Centre

📭 1911 Finch Ave W, North York, ON M3N 2V2
📞 +1 416-663-2733

You will find several early years programs in North York, but there are centres situated elsewhere that offer services to this area. Each facility gathers a team of experienced professionals with the required certificates to provide information and design activities for kids and parents. They use the proven recipe for organizing courses, workshops, and joint activity sessions.

9. Willowdale

Kids are pretending to be statues in the museum with excursion from EarlyON Years Centre

📭 155 McNicoll Ave, North York, ON M2H 2C1
📞 +1 416-494-1579 ext. 4301
📧 [email protected]

Willowdale EYC in Ontario secures to fill out the entire week with activities. During the working hours, you can expect programs six days per week. Those could include workshops, resources, and resources on pregnancy and parenting, but also drop-in workshops and plans. The staff organizes unstructured and structured courses pinpoints teaching the kids and promoting healthy progress.

10. Thornhill

Four kids are sitting at the table and holding different staff in EarlyON Years Centre

📭 332 Consumers Rd, North York, ON M2J 1P8
📞 +1 416-496-2601

As the majority of Early Years Centres in Ontario, the one in Thornhill works from 7:30 AM to 6 PM. The staff believes that every child has a natural instinct to learn, and that is what they focus on using in their activities. They try to come up with events and activities that will inspire them and promote a positive mood and learning in a healthy environment.

11. Barrie

Parents with kids are sitting at the tables in EarlyON Years Centre

📭 129 Ferris Ln, Barrie, ON L4N 5J5
📞 +1 705-726-9082
📠 705-726-6875 (fax)
📧 [email protected]
💻 empowersimcoe.ca

People residing in the Barrie area will appreciate over a dozen early years centres delivering services to this section of the country. The majority works on a drop-in basis, which means you are welcome to come whenever you see fit. You can expect a welcoming environment where you can play, learn, and meet others. The hospitality is impressive, and everyone feels welcome.

12. YMCA

Two kids and a teacher are holding crafts in the gym of EarlyON Years Centre

📭 161 Roger St, Waterloo, ON N2J 1B1
📞 +1 519-741-8585

YMCA in Ontario is dedicated to delivering a kid-friendly and safe environment to secure healthy kid progress. The staff is respectful and polite. The feeling of respect, diversity, and inclusiveness is present on the premises.

It is worth noting PlayON programs are for kids not older than 14, while nutrition plans are for students up to 18 years old.

13. Whitby

Two little boys are learning letters in EarlyON Years Centre

📭 605 Rossland Road East, Level 1, PO Box 623, Whitby, Ontario L1N 6A3
📞 +1 905-666-6238
📠 905-666-6220 (fax)

The Early Years Centre in Whitby functions within the Social Services section of Durham authorities. A positive thing is the centre promotes all the principles established by the top-level organization. That means everyone involved will feel safe while spending time in a healthy and friendly environment. The organization in Whitby has limited spots, and a waitlist is activated occasionally.

14. Guelph

A little girl is looking at books whuch are laying on the carpet in EarlyON Years Centre

📭 Stone Road Mall (2nd Floor), 435 Stone Road, West Guelph, Ont. N1G 2X6
📞 +1 519-821-6638 option 4
📧[email protected]
💻 guelphchc.ca/families-and-children/early-years-centre/

Guelph is another district featuring EarlyON Centres. It contains a team of seven dedicated to assisting residents with kids in acquiring top-class education. They stick to four principles, including engagement, expression, mental health, and belonging.

Now that COVID-19 is active, you can count on support over the phone or e-mail. Many facilities also organize virtual activities for interested parties.