No doubt, any mother or a caregiver tries to keep the baby as comfortable as feasible especially in winter. In addition to the universal thumb rule of a ‘visible and kissable’ face of the baby, the mother always tries to keep his/her in an upright position. There is no second opinion that an obstruction-free face with a fabric of the sling is always ideal.

Of course, the heat generated by being close to your body may not be sufficient all the times. Though the baby wearing may not change considerably during winter, the additional precautions in bundling up against the cold etc. could keep him/her more comfortable.

Warm up with mittens

You can ensure more warmth to the baby if you are opting for mittens and socks. It is also a good idea to tuck or pin a blanket around the side of a carrier so that the cold breeze does not affect the baby. Of course, do not forget to check the cheeks of a baby occasionally whether he/she is sweating. It is necessary to ensure that he is not feeling too cold or too hot.

The amauti

The amauti

The Inuit way of carrying a baby in a park has proved to be ideal for generations. The baby would be comfortable against the back of a mother in the pouch. Since he/she is not visible to you, it is a better idea to use a swaddle so that the baby is upright and you are sure of his/her safety. The variety of amauti could be of caribou, sealskin or a modern-day thin, light and warm synthetic material.

Baby leggings

You can also opt for putting the baby leggings underneath the pant for cuteness and extra warmth. You can easily pull them off in case the baby is not comfortable if it is hot. When you wrap up the baby, the little legs of his/her are not exposed to the outside cold.

With all the care for a baby in the carrier, probably it is time to cope with the icy sidewalks. Though you are carrying his/her in an adjustable carrier, it might be challenging to balance yourself along with the additional weight of a baby under you put on the snow boots.

In addition to the above, you can also try to wrap the baby with extra layers of cloth so that warmth is generated for his/her to be comfortable. Further, a hat with an extra fleece lined inside the hat would make him/her comfortable with the vagaries of cold weather.