Facts and myths always boggle our minds. They act even more troublesome when the stakes are as high as our child’s health. The first-time mothers are the worst affected, often losing their peace over what to feed and what not to feed their little bundle of joy.

Listed below are six“much debated” myths and facts. Have a look!

1. Keep a check on your child’s food intake lest he becomes overweight

Children, by nature, are active beings with a high metabolic rate. They have a natural tendency to regulate their food intake thereby effortlessly taking care of unwanted fat. If restricted, they may end up overeating at first instance. Unless it evidently requires medical attention, parents should let their children govern their own food intake naturally.

2. Introduce veggies before fruits or he will get used to the flavor of fruits and refuse vegetable later

There is no evidence so far in any research that proves this myth right. The key to making babies accept foods is to introduce one food at a time with a gap of three days. This will allow the stomach to adjust. In addition, if there is a reaction, we would know the culprit!

3. Red meat and eggs if taken regularly may harm babies

On the contrary, red meat and eggs benefit babies no end. The growing bodies of toddlers need high doses of proteins, iron, zinc, and essential nutrients. What best source than eggs and meat! So, let the children eat these uninhibited.

4. Bottle-fed babies are often constipated, and so they should switch to the low iron formula

The iron found in formula milk in no way affects the bowel movement of the babies. In fact, the body cannot readily absorb this iron. This may make babies deficient in iron and lead to learning delays and anemia. Bottle-fed babies rather should use higher iron intake. Including fruit juice in the diet is known to ease constipation.

5. No yogurt before the first birthday

Milk, of course, should be avoided before the age of one as it may lead to indigestion.  However, probiotics and live culture in yogurt and cheese are known to be benefit babies.

6. Never freeze avocado, banana

Freezing only leads to browning of the fruits, not rotting.  Oxidizing of fruits while freezing, turn them brown, which only ripens the fruits and not harms. Thus, it is safe to eat them.

It pays to keep ourselves aware and up to date. Let us not deprive ourselves of the goods of nature by succumbing to senseless myths.